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Why Choose Digital Supply LLc.

We are Philadelphia’s top-rated Shopify agency. Digital Supply provides the best in class Shopify support as well as acting as a strategic partner to your brand. We align ourselves with your business goals to tell your brand’s story and drive growth. Below are just a few of our Shopify development offerings.

  • UX Design
  • Branding
  • Shopify Plus Development
  • Strategy & Planning
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Email Marketing
  • Analytics



One Time Fee

What's Included:

Beautifully Designed Shopify Store

Shopify Store Launch - 50 Products

eBay Business Launch - 50 Products

Pinterest Business Launch - 50 Products

Facebook Product Launch - 50 Products

Instagram Product Launch - 50 Products

Over 10 Training & Marketing Videos

All Assets Transferred within 14 - 28 days



$2,495 Down

What's Included:

Beautifully Designed Shopify Store

Shopify Store Launch - 100 Products

eBay Business Launch - 100 Products

Amazon Business Launch - 100 Products

Walmart Business Launch - 100 Products

Pinterest Business Launch - 100 Products

Facebook Store Launch - 100 Products

Instagram Store Launch - 100 Products

SEO Page Build Out

$100 Google Ads Coupon Code

3 Month Google+Bing Campaign Management

3 Months Facebook Post Campaign

3 Month Instagram Post Campaign

All Assets Transferred within 14 - 28 days

Over 25 Training and Marketing Videos



$4,995 Down

What's Included:

Beautifully Designed Shopify Store

Shopify Store Launch - 250 Products

eBay Business Launch - 250 Products

Amazon Business Launch - 250 Products

Amazon Canada Launch - 250 Products

Amazon UK Launch - 250 Products

Amazon Australia Launch - 250 Products

Amazon Mexico Launch 250 Products

Walmart Business Launch - 250

International Marketing Campaign

$100 Google Ads Coupon Code

6 Month Google+Bing Campaign Management

6 Months Facebook Post Campaign

6 Month Instagram Post Campaign

All Assets Transferred within 14 - 28 days

Access to entire learning library

Video Case Studies

Using Google Ads to Scale to $53k in Sales

Here is another example of how we use Google Shopping ads to scale a Shopify store to $53,000 in revenue in a few short weeks. We have a proven strategy for delivering results for our clients using data and analytics to help our clients consistently grow revenues.

How to Scale your Shopify Store with Walmart

Here we have one of our latest clients whose sales have taken off after adding their products to another major marketplace, Walmart. With the addition of another stream of revenue this client is diversifying his marketplace portfolio while growing his store. Call Digital Supply Inc. today for a free consultation! Or visit us at: www.DigitalSupplyLLC.com

How We Made $10K Selling Flip Phones on Amazon

Think you have what it takes to make it in the eCommerce world? We sold flip phones on Amazon and eBay for 2 weeks so you can see what it really takes. We take you behind the scenes to show you the realities of running an Amazon and eBay store. From reviews, to orders, revenues and product returns, we cover it all and show you what it takes to succeed in the eCommerce industry.

How to eCommerce: Selling Electronics Online

How to sell electronics online and be successful. Here we take a look at the proven track record of our process. A current client that has been up and running for a month with already over $8,000 in sales! Digital Supply can help you achieve your dream of starting your online eCommerce business today! Visit our website at: www.DigitalSupplyLLC.com

Scaling your Shopify Store using Google AdWords

We take a look at another successful client that we built from scratch. Using minimal money, they have continually grown their sales since going live with our model. We can help you do the same. Do you have another niche' in mind? We can do that too! Call today for a free consultation or visit: www.DigitalSupplyLLC.com

How We Scaled a Shopify Store in 60 Days!!!

Take a look at how Digital Supply was able to help a customer with no knowledge of eCommerce to a profitable store in 60 days! Visit our site
now for more details!!

Selling Home Decor On Shopify

Home Decor is a $528 billion dollar Industry. We know what products
sell by using the data to help our clients put the right products in their
store. Regardless of your level of experience, our team will help you build your idea into a profitable ecommerce business. Watch us help another client turn an idea from nothing into a successful Shopify store in weeks!

Selling CBD On Shopify

Want to sell CBD but have no clue where to start? At Digital Supply
we have access to the top CBD vendors for all the products that are
in high demand. Watch us build a successful CBD store from scratch
into a profitable ecommerce store within 30 days!

Selling Luxury Fashion On Shopify

Helping clients sell Luxury Fashion is one of the many things we do
best at Digital Supply. We have the exclusive vendor relationships,
the data, and proven marketing strategies to help our clients build successful Shopify stores. Watch as we turn another clients idea into profitable Shopify business.

Google Marketing That Drives Sales

In order to be successful in ecommerce marketing, you can’t be a
one trick pony! We have a solid understanding of ecommerce marketing,
so we have a plethora of tools in our tool belt. Watch our marketing team execute flawlessly on a Google campaign that delivers actual sales.

Supply and Demand Marketing

Selling the right products at the right time is key to having a successful store. Our team of data analysts will help you pick the right products in order for you to capitalize when demand is high for the products in your store. No toilet paper, no problem. Watch as we deliver an alternative for our clients customer base.

Selling High Ticket items on Shopify

If you’ve tried to build a Shopify store using Aliexpress, you’ll notice the majority of the products are poorly manufactured items from China that have a low resale value. To make matters worse, the shipping times can be up to 45 days for delivery! Building a business requires a tight supply chain, with great margins. At Digital Supply, we have exclusive relationships with some of the best vendors around the world that provide high quality products that have a high resale value. Watch below as we deliver sales for another happy client.

How to: A Successful eCommerce Business Model

Our business model allows any niche to succeed in the eCommerce world. Whether it be high ticket luxury good to children's clothing and accessories, Digital Supply Inc. can help you succeed. Visit our website today and check out our packages! www.DigitalSupplyLLC.com

Projects We are Working On

Take a look at the company’s our team have helped to create. No two projects are ever the same so whether its Web Development, Marketing, or any other ecommerce related services, our team is capable of taking on any mission and delivering with pinpoint accuracy.

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We're passionate about design,innovation,brilliant ideas and the execution that brings it all together in one beautiful experince.
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